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Artwork Bloody Spring

B L O O D Y S P R I N G, Handmade Paperart Unikat, Red on Green and Brown Colour, 70×100 cm, Spring 2021 (Steht zum Verkauf)

„I won’t compromise
I won’t live a life
On my knees
You think I am nothing
You’ve got something coming
Because I hear God’s Whisper
Calling my name
It’s in the wind
I am the savior
We are indigos
Living lives we chose
Show you’re brave
Those will fade
On a mission
Led by intuition
You should listen
It‘s in the wind
We are the saviors!“

By Songwriter: Raury Deshawn Tullis

Project details


Teresa Gessert


"Bloodyspring", Paperart Mosaik, 70x100 cm


2021 Munich


Red on Green&Brown Paper Recycling

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